Monthly Archives: November 2021

On the SIXTH Day of Giving, The Importance of Community Partnerships

On the SIXTH Day of Giving, we are looking at the ways we can nurture partnerships and achieve amazing things. We’ve been able to enjoy successful events that benefit local organizations and initiatives thanks to collaboration and hard (but fun!) work TOGETHER with local businesses, dedicated nonprofits and committed community members.        … Read more »

Teachers’ Totes Headed to Dozens of Local Classrooms

“It’s like Christmas!” Some out-of-the-box thinking led to a box full of goodness for classrooms this year, as 54 Teachers’ Totes were delivered to each and every local school in Chatham-Kent. Stuffed with goodies for both teachers and students, the Totes can be used to help support all those returning to classrooms marked by ever-changing… Read more »