From Poverty to Possibility

This area focuses on:

When people face tough times, or longer-term poverty, they lack access to necessities of life such as food, shelter, clothing, employment, and education. Many of our communities’ most vulnerable are families and individuals who simply can’t make ends meet. United Way is working with community partners to address the roots of economic challenges, and to break the cycle of poverty for future generations, while supporting fellow community members who need help now.

Student Nutrition Program
Chatham-Kent Student Nutrition Program

Aims to ensure that all children have access to healthy, nutritious food every school day, regardless of socioeconomic background or situation.
Contact: 519-352-7270

Warmest Wishes
United Way of Chatham-Kent

An outreach program that provides a backpack filled with some of the basics that people need to get through the tough winter months - necessities like food, hygiene products and winter clothing.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Tilbury Information and H.E.L.P. Centre

The Tilbury Information and H.E.L.P. Centre’s Food Bank distributes food to individuals and families who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger as a result of job loss, illness, or other increasing costs.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Healthy People, Strong Communities

This area focuses on:

In a community where everyone matters, we support personal well-being and strengthen communities by investing in community mental health supports & services, neighbourhood & community development and programs that address gender-based violence and ensure wellbeing & resilience for all.

Peer & Home-Based Support

Ensures that individuals who are blind or partially sighted have the Vision Rehabilitation Services, resource information, advocacy and emotional support necessary to adjust to their vision loss and engage in appropriate CNIB and community programs.
Contact: 1-800-563-2642

Rebuilding Wheels Rebuilding Lives
United Way of Chatham-Kent

Connecting individuals and/or families with a donated personal vehicle which will provide piece of mind that they have a secure and reliable form of transportation to their employment. Simultaneously this programs provides deep educational opportunities for local high school automotive trade students and a pipeline to apprenticeship opportunities.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Geared-to-Income Counselling
Family Service Kent 

Provides affordable, professional counselling services for children, youth and adults, where an emotional, relationship or family difficulty is compromising healthy functioning and quality of life.
Contact:  519-354-6221

Volunteer Chatham-Kent

Matches people with identified talents and skills with non-profit organizations to help them achieve their vital missions. Potential volunteers are interviewed and screened according to the “ten safe steps” and then placed with the appropriate agency/organization.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Women United

Provides grants and other supports to improve the lives of women and their families in vulnerable situations.
Contact: 519-354-0430

Family Support Network
Community Living Chatham-Kent

Supports to assist the development of both emotional health, physical health and environment that allow children to actively engage in day-to-day activities.
Contact: 519-354-0430

Community Investment & Innovative Partnership

Fueled by groundbreaking research and powerful partnerships, Community Investment & Innovative Partnership is the largest non-governmental supporter of social services in Chatham-Kent dedicated to creating the opportunities people need to improve their lives and build a better future.

Contact: 519-354-0430

From Isolation to Inclusion Program
New Beginnings, ABI & Stroke Recovery Association

Offering supports to promote healthy and active living among seniors and to live independently, either in their own homes or in supportive housing. Including, but not limited to, services such as adult day programs, congregate dining, and transportation to medical appointments, shopping, banking and other activities.

Contact: 519-351-0297

Education Outreach
Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario

Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario Provides seizure education and first-aid training to individuals with epilepsy and seizure disorders, their families, and their community support networks. 
Contact: 519-365-5131

Caring Dads
Changing Ways

The program aim to support healthy father/child interaction and create healthy strategies for men to interact with the mother of the child.
Contact: 1-888-438-9869

Information and Referral

Information and Referral helps people find resources and supports and to make informed choices when dealing with health and social issues in their lives. Information Chatham-Kent is a funder for Ontario 211 for our community.

Contact: 519-354-0430

"The 425" Centre for Community Innovation

A resource centre that houses United Way and up to eight nonprofit and local government partners. All revenue is reinvested in community building initiatives.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network

Engages with and advocates for nonprofit organizations that work for the public benefit in Chatham-Kent.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Labour United: Programs and Services

Labour Community Advocacy Program is offered on an annual basis to Union members who provide social service information to their members in the workplace. Each advocate is trained as a resource for Union members and the Union itself.

Contact: 519-628-5456

All That Kids Can Be

This area focuses on:

In a community where everyone matters, we all deserve a good start. We all want to feel welcomed and supported through transitions so we can succeed, contribute and thrive. Investments in prevention and early intervention simply makes sense. Addressing issues and building support systems for people early on helps prevent problems from becoming more complex in the future. Also, it makes financial sense, investing early on costs far less than more complicated solutions later.

Autism Transitional Classroom
Chatham-Kent Children Services

Aims to help educators teach children with Autism Spectrum disorders by providing temporary, but very intensive supports to adapt and apply the special education strategies in the least intrusive environment possible.

Contact: 519-352-0440

Drop-In Program
Dresden Sidestreets Youth Centre

A place where youth, aged 7 to 18, can go to feel wanted, encouraged, motivated, and be involved and productive members of their community.

Contact: 519-683-2153

Drop In Program
Solid Rock Café Youth Centre

Designed to involve youth in productive activities and interactions that build self-esteem and positive outcomes. Nightly activities minimize the risks of youth getting into trouble or causing havoc as a result of idle hands.

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Contact: 519-682-0625

Go Girls/Game ON
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chatham-Kent

Group programs, generally delivered in schools for girls and boys ages 9-14, which focus on teaching the importance of healthy bodies/healthy minds.
Contact: 519-351-1582

Operation BackPacks

This Good Neighbours program provides backpacks filled with grade appropriate school supplies for families and children in need.
Contact: 519-354-0430

Family Support and Wellness
C-K Learning Disabilities Assoc.

Association of Chatham-Kent provides.
Contact: 519-352-2024

Youth United

Assists members to acquire leadership skills and make valuable connections in the community. By providing meaningful and engaging volunteer opportunities youth are able to obtain their 40 hours of volunteer service required to graduate.

Contact: 519-354-0430

Healthy Youth Relationship Program
Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre, Inc.

Provides teens 14-18 with information and peer support to distinguish the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and develop communication and coping strategies and how to access supports.
Contact: 519-351-9144

Kids' Circle
Erie St.Clair VON

Provides support for children and teens, in one-on-one and group settings, who are experiencing a life-threatening illness themselves or that of a loved one, as well as other experiences of bereavement.
Contact: 519-352-4462

Positive Strides
Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent 

An intervention/education program for either youth in the Pre-Charge Diversion (Conferencing) Program or at-risk youth.
Contact: 519-380-0931

Family Connections
ACCESS Open Minds
(a program through CMHA Lambton-Kent)

Aims to empower youth in Chatham-Kent to develop and maintain good mental health and advocate for and foster a community free from violence and discrimination due to mental illness.
Contact: 519-436-6100

Social Skills
Learning Disabilities

Association of Chatham-Kent Teaches elementary aged children, who deal with impulsivity, distractibility, inattention and the inability to read and interpret social cues, how to manage situations in their everyday lives through games, role playing and modeling behavior.
Contact: 519-352-2024

Learning Disabilities

Association of Chatham-Kent Provides one-on-one assistance to struggling students.
Contact: 519-352-2024