Chatham-Kent businesses & residents raise $107,992 to help local homeless population.

Just five weeks ago, local home builder Maple City Homes put out a challenge to the Chatham-Kent community to raise $100,000 to help homelessness initiatives and organizations.

General Manager of Maple City Homes, Trevor Mailloux went on outreach with R.O.C.K. Missions in early December. “It really was a huge eye-opener to see people out there who don’t have basic necessities like a roof over their head, gloves, a hat – I had no idea it was this big of an issue,” explains Mailloux.

The Helping the Homeless Through the Holidays fundraiser ran throughout the month of December, and Mailloux says that many corporate sponsors jumped at the challenge to collectively raise $100,000 by making donations.

In 2019, Maple City Homes raised $18,000 internally. This year, they have decided to turn outward and rally the community.

Maple City Homes President and United Way Board Member Robb Nelson says, “While Maple City Homes has been relatively unaffected by the pandemic, our team, subtrades, and suppliers are mindful that this isn’t the case for many others in the community. As a new home builder experiencing significant growth, we feel a responsibility in supporting our vulnerable and homeless population.”

Maple City Homes’ tremendous successful fundraiser is another example of community supporting community.

Pictured is Trevor Mailloux of Maple City Homes & Greg McLean of McLean's Painting helping homeless outreach providers, R.O.C.K. Missions.

“We’re so grateful for the significant support from Windmill Cabinet Shop, Clarke Construction Inc., The Lighting Shoppe, Sacwal Flooring Centres, The Glasshouse Nursery & Garden Centre, Chatham-Kent Home Hardware Ltd., local Tim Horton’s restaurants, McLean’s Painting Inc., QPS Heating & Cooling, Absolute Comfort Heating & Cooling, Polar Asset Management, and for all who stepped up to the challenge to help fight homelessness. It was amazing seeing everyone come together for a common goal,” says
Trevor Mailloux.Maple City Homes Ltd.


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