United Way of Chatham-Kent, like many other United Ways across our country, welcomes the opportunity to say “thanks” to those who contribute to the annual campaign for funds. It is important to United Way that donors feel they are appreciated and know their gifts are making a difference.

The local United Way has a Leadership Giving Program whereby annual campaign donors are recognized for gifts at various levels of financial support. Bronze Level Leaders are those who contribute $1,200 to $2,499 Silver Level Leaders contribute $2,500 to $4,999, Gold Level Leaders contribute $5,000 to $9,999 and Platinum Level Leaders contribute $10,000 to $24,999.

In September of 2007, United Way launched a new component of its Leadership Giving Program – the Women’s Leadership Council. This new WLC initiative was one of the first of its kind in Canada. Membership provides an opportunity for female “Leaders” to join others at the same level of giving – to network and collaborate in the identification and resolution of human and social problems. Working together, they use their collective power to provide a “hand up” to women and children who want to make positive changes in their lives.

Who We Are

The United Way Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) is a philanthropic network of corporate and community leaders using their collective power to create meaningful social change in Chatham-Kent.

What We Do

We provide opportunities to improve the lives of women and their families in vulnerable situations, through financial resources and gifts of personal time and talent. The real strength of the Women’s Leadership Council is that we are flexible and practical so we are able to do what needs to be done to address gaps in funding as well as programs and services in Chatham-Kent.

Vision Statement

A better life for women and their families in Chatham-Kent.

The purpose of the Women’s Leadership Council is to

Identify issues of concern to local women and their families
Mobilize resources to meet existing and emerging needs
Host events to provide networking and social opportunities for members
Partner with other groups and organizations with similar goals
Recruit women philanthropists to serve as members of the WLC

Membership Eligibility

Female donors to the United Way of Chatham-Kent who contribute in excess of $1,200 annually and who direct a portion of this contribution towards the WLC are eligible to be members of the Women’s Leadership Council. All members are eligible to participate on committees.

Allocation of Annual Contribution

Although the allocation of a member’s annual contribution is entirely at her discretion, it is suggested that WLC members direct the first $500 of their donation towards the WLC with the remaining allocation being directed towards the WLC, the general United Way Community Fund or towards any other registered charity of their choice.

Note also that any donor to the United Way of Chatham Kent can direct a portion of his or her annual contribution towards the United Way Women’s Leadership Council. (ie. Non-members can direct funds to the WLC).

Annual General Meeting

Each year, all members of the Women’s Leadership Council will be invited to an annual general meeting (AGM). The purpose of the AGM is to provide updates on the operation of the WLC, including the allocation of annual contributions. In addition, should any voting be required for open committee positions, this will occur during the AGM. The AGM will normally be held in June of each year.

There are currently three WLC networking opportunities planned each year – a “Lunch ‘n Learn” in January, an AGM in June and a “Harvest Event” in the summer/early fall.  WLC members are encouraged to bring a guest who might consider membership in the United Way Women’s Leadership Council.

If you are currently a female donor at the $1,200 level or more, you are already eligible for membership in the Women’s Leadership Council and United Way would love to hear from you.

In addition, if you are a male donor to United Way at the $1,200 level or more and would like an opportunity to sponsor (anonymously or otherwise) a female member into the Women’s Leadership Council, United Way would welcome your referral OR use your gift to choose a woman in our community to join the WLC. This is an exciting opportunity to grow membership in this community building project.

For further information about United Way’s Leadership Giving Program and the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, please contact Margery Muharrem at 519-354-0430 ext 274.

Download the Women’s Leadership Council Grant Application Form.

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