Tampon Tuesday Donation Drive Thru a Huge Success

Joint statement from Women United & the Chatham-Kent Labour Council

On Tuesday, October 20th the Women United and the Chatham-Kent Labour Council hosted their Tampon Tuesday event in the parking lot of 425 McNaughton Ave West, Chatham. From 9am – 6:30pm there was a steady flow of drivers delivering donations of menstrual products to help women in need.

The following day, all donated products were counted and organized for distribution. “Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to the pink bins located throughout CK, or during the Donation Drive Thru. With a final count of all the product received - was a whopping 2277 donated items! That is a 40% increase from the previous year.” said Marge Muharrem of Women United. Donated items included a wide range of tampons, sanitary pads, pantie liners, menstrual cup, and even adult incontinence products.

Collected items are already being distributed within the community and will go to 17 local organizations such as food banks, shelters, church groups and outreach programs to help homeless women, women on disability or financial assistance, low-income groups.

An addition to Tampon Tuesday’s emergency outreach recipients, Women United and the Chatham-Kent Labour Council are distributing menstrual care packages to local schools. By providing product directly to the schools, young ladies can access free (and discreet) help when they need it.

Women United and the Chatham-Kent Labour Council would like to acknowledge their volunteers Carmen Swift, Michelle Toll, Helen Heath, Karyn Kirkwood-Whyte, Libby Passmore, Dava Robichaud, Elizabeth Cannon & Delphine Cannon for all their help, and the labour community for their tremendous support.