Dozens Drive-Thru Despite the Rain

A bit of bad weather couldn’t stop more than 80 cars coming through our Tampon Tuesday Drive Thru this week, with volunteers from Enbridge Fuelling Futures and Tek Savvy on hand to receive and sort a whopping 1900+ donated items.

With an emphasis on the high cost of period products, Tampon Tuesday was created in London, Ontario in 2009 to ensure that no one who needs them should ever have to go without these crucial items. This week marked UWOCK’s 6th Tampon Tuesday event, which will see product being distributed back out to 23 different organizations and agencies across Chatham-Kent.

More than $7500 worth of product was donated in just one day! Thank you, CK!

Addressing period poverty

Period products are some of the most requested but least donated items at food banks. With an average cost of $20-$40 each month, many find the expense out of reach.

For some people, this could mean having to sacrifice other basic necessities to purchase period products. For others, it can mean staying home or not participating in activities, work, or school due to insufficient period protection.

A True Community Partnership

Tampon Tuesday is a true community event, only made possible through the partnership and generosity of so many. This year, we would like to thank the community members that lent a hand, as well as volunteers from Tek Savvy for braving the cold and rain to receive and then distribute product. Thank you to the Enbridge Fueling Futures team, who joined us for another year to inventory and organize of all the donations—we appreciate your humour, style and impeccable record-keeping!