Coloured pens sit next to the written words Nothing About Us, Without Us.

It has been said that small towns have big heart. If you look closely, you will see how helpful neighbours, local change makers and everyday people are coming together to make sure no one is left behind.

One small town doing just that is Dresden where a caring collective of volunteers can be found twice a week preparing meals for the local Meals on Wheels program. Established over 30 years ago, Meals on Wheels volunteers have been making a difference in people’s lives one meal at a time. Currently the program is providing warm meals to 25 people in the Dresden area.

“It may not sound like many, but the 25 or so people that we service rely on us. If we weren’t here some of these individuals would be hard pressed to survive from week to week with whatever they are able to do at home.”
Bob ColemanTreasurer, Meals on Wheels Dresden


Their team delivers wholesome meals to seniors, those recovering from illness, individuals not able to cook for themselves and anyone needing some extra help accessing food. The volunteers also make sure that the people they serve are doing well by having with friendly conversation through screen doors.


At just $4 a meal, that cost provides the organization just enough to get by.

Toss in a pandemic, unexpected cost increases, and difficulty accessing supplies and it can be a recipe for concern.


Accessing take-out containers for meal deliveries has become increasingly difficult for nonprofits (and restaurants) to access, and now come with a premium price tag. Without a supplier, the average cost for a 50/pack of aluminum trays is $46.40 (plus shipping) online. When reusable containers are not an option, this cost gets very pricey.  

“3 compartment food trays are idea because it doesn’t mush the food together. We want to make sure what is delivered is as appealing as possible for the clients.” said Bob, “There is a shortage of aluminum so it’s hard to find containers like that. We are currently using plastic but would prefer to use something else to cut down on the plastic waste.”

With help from United Way of Chatham-Kent, Meals on Wheels Dresden is receiving the COVID-19 emergency Support Fund, which is helping them to cover the increased cost of take out-containers and has allowed them to offer a variety of meal options.

With a population of 2,800 people, Dresden goes out of their way to help those in need -  a great example of how small towns have big hearts.




If you or someone you love could benefit from a warm meal offered by Meals on Wheels

Contact Meals on Wheels Dresden directly:
Vicky Jackson, coordinator of Meals on Wheels Dresden 519.359.7366


Meals on Wheels Chatham-Kent can also help connect you with the meal delivery program in Bothwell, Chatham, Wallaceburg, and Wheatley.

Register online  519.351.6325 [email protected]