Do you know what your donation looks like?
Here's just a handful of inspirational stories that will show you how your donation is helping to change lives for the better in Chatham-Kent.

A Story of Hope – Pamela’s Story

Living in a cold trailer, Pam felt loneliness and despair. Then, she found the United Way office in Wallaceburg. United Way connected Pam with the resources to find a job and a warm place to live, offering Pam an #unignorable feeling of Hope for the future.

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Confidence – Caterina

Caterina is confident she can change the world; that is why she asks you to show some #LocalLove and donate to the United Way. You can be confident your donation helps your neighbour, your friend, and your community.

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Strength – Dave

Dave's Story of Strength Dave’s Strength is #unignorable. Told at 29 that he would lose his sight, Dave made the decision that he would define his vision loss—it would not define him. This has meant living his life with purpose, discovering new passions, and even continuing to curl—a sport that he loves. When he felt...

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Check out the impact the United Way of Chatham-Kent has had on your community: