Do you know what your donation looks like?
Here's just a handful of inspirational stories that will show you how your donation is helping to change lives for the better in Chatham-Kent.

A Story of Strength – Brian

It was a matter of weeks between the time Brian’s children learned their mother was sick, to losing her to leukemia. The Kids’ Circle, a United Way funded program, allowed his children to find a beacon of light and gave him the strength to navigate these difficult waters too. UNITED WAY’S IMPACT IS #UNIGNORABLE. Help...

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A Story of Hope – Pamela’s Story

Living in a cold trailer, Pam felt loneliness and despair. Then, she found the United Way office in Wallaceburg. United Way connected Pam with the resources to find a job and a warm place to live, offering Pam an #UNIGNORABLE feeling of Hope for the future. UNITED WAY’S IMPACT IS #UNIGNORABLE. Help us spread more...

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Confidence – Caterina

Caterina is confident she can change the world; that is why she asks you to show some #LocalLove and donate to the United Way. You can be confident your donation helps your neighbour, your friend, and your community. UNITED WAY’S IMPACT IS #UNIGNORABLE. Help us spread more confidence in Chatham-Kent. Please give generously.

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Check out the impact the United Way of Chatham-Kent has had on your community: