Do you know what your donation looks like?
Here's just a handful of inspirational stories that will show you how your donation is helping to change lives for the better in Chatham-Kent.

A Story of Hope – Samantha

Samantha is a survivor. She was born into a family that showed her that love is conditional and even hurtful. When Samantha moved into the foster care system she continued to struggle to find stability and acceptance. Samantha’s youth was dark and painful, and she often felt desperately alone. How can a child ever understand...

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Joy – Scott’s Story

Scott is a single father whose sons both have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. His older son, Tommy, participated in the Autism Transitional Classroom, funded by United Way. There, Tommy gained skills to succeed in school and better communicate with those around him. Your donation brings Joy to families like Scott’s.

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A Story of Strength – Brian

It was a matter of weeks between the time Brian’s children learned their mother was sick, to losing her to leukemia. Kids’ Circle, a United Way program, allowed his children to find a beacon of light and gave him the strength to navigate these difficult waters too. Brian’s strength got him through this enormous change.

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