The best part of being a student in the Autism Transition Classroom is all the skills our son has been able to work on. These skills are designed to help him reach his potential when he moves into a mainstream classroom in the future. Little things like classroom routines, participating in school photo day, completing independent work, and the constant social learning while interacting with students across the school are just some of the many tasks he’s grown in during his time in the program. Without this specialized and crucial support, many children with autism in our community are left to figure it out own and perhaps not also reach their learning potentials. We just want to share how thankful we are to the staff in the ATC and everyone at Fatima for working so hard to help support and better our son. It's clearly apparent it’s made a huge impact on him and us and we are glad for that. We are extremely grateful for all of the supports this program has offered our family and highly recommend it to others.
- a Mom