Donating in Chatham-Kent is Essential

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”
-Booker T. Washington

It’s times like these that make us reflect on our lives and the lives of others. At United Way of Chatham-Kent, we are honoured to be your trusted organization in supporting CK. When we asked you to show your local love in a global crisis, you stood up and said how can I help to make sure this community is safe, healthy and out of the hospital.

With your support, we have done incredible things to help all the individuals and families in 2020. Check out all the programs which have received funding so far here. By donating, you have the opportunity to invest in the wellbeing and survival of those we strive to protect.

As we are feeling the brunt of the second wave and many are gearing up for the upcoming holidays - This is the perfect time to donate!

This winter we have teamed up with Maple City Homes in making sure your donation goes further and directly impacting Chatham-Kent’s most vulnerable living without permanent shelter. Maple City Homes is donating $1 for every $3 we receive! That means that you have the power to turn $75,000 into $100,000 to directly help the homeless!

Click here to join Maple City Homes in helping the homeless.

Looking for other ways to give? Here are some ways to make the most out of your generous donation:

Donate grocery gift cards to your local food bank 

This makes it easier for those seeking the help of food banks and offer a more dignified experience by being able to shop for themselves. Grocery Store Gift Cards also hugely benefit those with allergies/dietary requirements or those who prefer culturally appropriate food.

Donate clothes to your local thrift store
Many of CK’s thrift stores have built partnerships with social service providers. These partnerships allow the emergency outreach organizations to focus less on sorting through clothing donations and more on their important work in the community.

Examples include:

  • The Missions (formerly Bibles for Missions) have partnered with R.O.C.K. Missions and give them whatever they might need to share with people living without shelter. This includes clothing, bedding, and household items.
  • Salvation Army is the local leader in the winter coat drive, and provides winter jackets to families needing coats to stay warm in the winter months. They also offer supplies and items to people needing emergency help.
  • Loads of Love works by referral with numerous community organizations to help connect their clients with items they need. This includes clothing to help at work or on job interviews, furniture for those who recently found shelter, or medical equipment (such as wheelchairs) to help their quality of life.

United Way of Chatham-Kent is working with over 70 front line social service providers to ensure that they have the ability to continue operating or scale their services. Consider making monthly donations - ongoing work requires ongoing support. A monthly donation will allow us to plan ahead with your generous donation. This option is also much more budget friendly because even the smallest amount on a monthly basis can be incorporated into any budget.

Every little bit counts.

As we round out the another year, remember that if you decide to donate December 31st is the deadline to receive a charitable tax receipt for 2020.

If you would like to learn about more ways to give click here!