Ben has been a member of New Beginnings ABI & Stroke Recovery Association for a few years now. He is brilliant, motivated, dedicated and never lets his brain injury define who he is!

With the money received from United Way of Chatham-Kent through the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, New Beginnings was able to purchase the electronic device and arm attachment that allows members, like Ben, to utilize the technology with very little assistance.

At 29 years old, Ben is using the tools he learned from his Social Service Worker Diploma from Lambton College and the new technology that offers independence to help others on New Beginning’s YouTube Channel. Check out his latest video where he is going though the steps of building fine motor skills. Ben is also using this new equipment to help the New Beginning Team by developing online surveys, which will allow Ben to help other New Beginning members with little assistance and complete the survey for those who are unable to complete their own.

“Just one of the many blessings that will come out of this wonderful and generous grant! Thanks very much for your continued support!”
Amanda PeriniNew Beginnings ABI & Stroke Recovery Association