Are you a really awesome person who is helping to lead a United Way campaign in your workplace? Then this page is for you!

Below you will find a collection of storytelling tools that help answer the question “why United Way”?  We encourage you to share these materials throughout your workplace, in emails, on your social media accounts, etc. Please be sure to come back to this page often as new materials will continue to be added as we move throughout the campaign.

Please note: we do not use stock photography or actors. All of our materials are real stories of real people whose lives have been changed through the support of our donors of United Way Chatham-Kent’s funded programs and services. While we applaud creativity, we kindly ask that you please do not modify any of the materials provided below without the express written consent of United Way Chatham-Kent as we have a duty to protect the use of our storyteller’s image. If you have any questions or a storytelling idea you would like to explore, please contact Tom Slager, Director, Resource Development and Communications at


Hard copies are available. Please speak to your United Way Campaign Associate if you would like a few to post in your workplace.

2018 United Way Chatham-Kent Campaign Thermometer Poster









Poster Series: Do you know what your donation looks like?

Great locations for these posters are in break rooms, common areas, waiting rooms, and even restroom stalls!

Belonging – Lori – 11×17








Belonging- Lori – 8.5 x 11








Strength – Dave – 11 x 17








Strength – Dave – 8.5 x 11










Hope – Samantha – 11×17







Hope – Samantha – 8.5×11






Strength – Brian – 11×17







Strength – Brian – 8.5×11







Joy – Shelby – 11×17







Joy – Shelby – 8.5×11







Belonging – Rylee – 11×17







Belonging – Rylee – 8.5×11







Special Events

Here are a few upcoming special events for United Way. We would love it if you could help us get the word out by posting our event flyers in your break rooms, include them in an internal email, or anywhere else in your workplace that you feel would be most appropriate.

2018-2019 United Way Chatham-Kent Event Calendar 

2018-2019 UWOCK Event Calendar

Last Update: 2018 SEPT 07








December 12 & 13 – 99.1 CKXSFM’s Radio Auction

Check out their Facebook page or give the station a call at (519) 627-0991 for the details.

December 14th – United Way Open House
Save the date! More details to come!

January 17th – Campaign Touchdown Breakfast
Save the Date! More details to come!

Workplace Special Event Ideas

Internal special events can be a great way to help your team inch closer to achieving your workplace fundraising goal, but sometimes keeping them fresh and engaging can be a challenge. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out this blog post.


Videos are always a great way to tell a story. Share them on your social channels, embed them into your e-blasts, share them through internal emails or play a video during a staff meeting.

[YouTube] Strength – Dave
[Download] Strength – Dave

[YouTube] Confidence – Caterina
[Download] Confidence – Caterina

[YouTube] Hope – Samantha
[Download] Hope – Samantha

[YouTube] Strength – Brian
[Download] Strength – Brian

[YouTube] Joy – Shelby
[Download] Joy – Shelby

[YouTube] Belonging – Rylee
[Download] Belonging – Rylee

[YouTube] UWOCK – National Campaign Video – 2017

[Download] UWOCK – National Campaign Video – 2017

Facebook Profile & Cover Images

Help to get folks excited by showing your love of our community on Facebook!

Instructions: Click on the image below to view in its’ full size; right-click and select ‘Save Image As’. Once you have it saved, you can go onto your Facebook page and update your Profile picture or cover photo by uploading the image you just saved!

How To’s provided by Facebook:
How to update your Facebook Profile Picture
How to update your Facebook Cover Photo

Hope – Profile Picture Images








Hope – Cover Images






Strength – Profile Picture Images








Strength – Cover Images










Joy – Profile Picture Images








Joy – Cover Images







Belonging – Profile Picture Images








Belonging – Cover Images







Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

An easy way to get information out on your social media channels is simply to follow us on social! We will be posting lots of local content about the impact your donations make on the lives of our community’s most vulnerable. Like, comment and share our content to have instant content on your social media channels.

This year’s campaign hashtag is #ChangingLivesCK. We strongly encourage you to use this hashtag on all of your social media posts that reference United Way. This will tie your posts into the larger conversation and will offer your followers an enriched social media experience.

Our social channels are:


The Numbers

Some people love numbers – and the good news is, we’ve got ’em! Some of these reports can become a little confusing if you don’t have a financial background. The United Way receives top marks from global charity watchdog groups for accuracy, accountability and transparency. If anyone ever has any questions, we’re an open book and welcome the opportunity to have a chat. If someone on your team is interested in learning more, please have them contact your United Way Campaign Associate or they may contact our CEO, Steve Pratt directly at

45,823 individuals accessed a United Way Chatham-Kent funded program or service in 2017.
Here’s the breakdown:2017 MASTER Communities of Service Matrix

2019-2019 Community Investment Funded Programs Snapshot

Annual Report to the Community

2017 Audited Financial Statements

Canada Revenue Agency – United Way Chatham-Kent Profile

Canada Revenue Agency – Comparison Chart – 2011 to 2016

Understanding the United Way of Chatham-Kent

Some folks love to read and we have just the thing for them! Last year, our CEO wrote a series of articles taking readers in for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into understanding the United Way of Chatham-Kent. We would encourage you to print off articles of interest and place them in break rooms, waiting rooms, and anywhere else were people may wish to do a little reading.

Click here to access the articles.


We at United Way wish to thank the many volunteers who lend us their time and talents serving on our Creative Cabinet to supporting our storytelling ability for Campaign ’17. We simply couldn’t do this without them!

A special thanks to James Rasmussen, Elizabeth Downey-Sunnen, Jaclyn Gillier, Melissa Doyle, Ben Srokosz, Huzafa Hyde, the team at Lemonade Limited and our MARCOM team at National Office.

Media Sponsors

We also wish to show some big love for our friends in the media who help us change lives in our community through their gifts towards our annual campaign.