This area focuses on:

  • Connection to Supports
  • Neighbourhood Development and Engagement
  • Community Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our families and neighbourhoods are two of the most basic units of our lives. Strong communities are characterized by resilience, low incidence of violence, high economic security, connection with neighbours, and high involvement with community affairs. We are working together to ensure individuals, families, and neighbours have the resources to care for one another and solve local problems.

Partner Programs

AIDS Support Chatham-Kent Harm Reduction
Aims to address and reduce the harms, such as poverty, disease/drug poisoning and overdose fatalities, associated with the misuse of psychoactive drugs in people unable or unwilling to stop their use.
Contact: Steve Pratt – 519-352-2121

Canadian Hearing Society Hearing Care Counselling
Provides communication and hearing support services to individuals with an acquired hearing loss, to enable them to carry out daily living activities independently and with reduced communication difficulties.
Contact: 1-844-253-7241

Chatham-Kent Block Parent Program Inc.
Community Outreach
A range of prevention based collaborations to increase community’s well-being in regards to safety awareness and injury prevention.
Registrar and Volunteer Engagement
Provides police-screened volunteers of easily-recognizable homes and businesses the opportunity to provide immediate assistance to those in distress.
Contact: Ruth Bossence – 519-354-0430 ext. 235

Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre Shelter Services
Provides emergency residential shelter and transitional housing for every woman and her children who require it in Chatham-Kent.
Contact: Karen Hunter – 519-351-9144 ext. 232

CNIB Adjustment to Vision Loss
Ensures that individuals who are blind or partially sighted have the Vision Rehabilitation Services, resource information, advocacy support, and emotional support necessary to adjust to their vision loss and engage in appropriate CNIB and community programs.
Contact: Lee-Anne Cross – 1-800-563-2642

Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario Education Outreach
Provides seizure education and first-aid training to individuals with epilepsy and seizure disorders, their families, and their community support networks.
Contact: Tabitha Vercillo- 519-365-5131

Family Service Kent Counselling Services
Provides affordable, professional counselling services for children, youth and adults, where an emotional, relationship or family difficulty is compromising healthy functioning and quality of life.
Contact: Brad Davis-519-354-6221

New Beginnings, ABI & Stroke Recovery Association Exercise Program
Members are encouraged to participate in a structured exercise program where they can measure and provide proof of their enhancements. They work one-on-one and in group activities with all participants in order to help them regain independence in their daily lives.
Contact: Dylan Turato – 519-351-0297


Direct Services

Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network
Engages with and advocates for nonprofit organizations that work for the public benefit in Chatham-Kent.
Contact: Kim Broadbent – 519-354-0430

Information and Referral
Information and Referral helps people find resources and supports and to make informed choices when dealing with health and social issues in their lives.  Information Chatham-Kent is also the data provider for Ontario 211 for our community.
Contact: Patricia Weiler- 519-354-0430

Labour Programs and Services
Labour Community Advocacy Program is offered on an annual basis to Union members who provide social service information to their members in the workplace. Each advocate is trained as a resource for Union members and the Union itself.  The Labour staff provides information and referral services to Union leaders and members in the Labour movement.
Contact: Brian Armitage – 519-628-5456

“The 425″ Centre for Community Innovation
A resource centre that houses United Way and up to eight nonprofit and local government partners. All revenue is reinvested in community building initiatives.
Contact: Veronica Whittal– 519-354-0430

Volunteer and Information Chatham-Kent
Matches people with identified talents and skills with non-profit organizations to help them achieve their vital missions.  Potential volunteers are interviewed and screened according to the “ten safe steps” and then placed with the appropriate agency /organization.
Contact: Patricia Weiler – 519-354-0430

Women’s Leadership Council
Provides grants and other supports to improve the lives of women and their families in vulnerable situations.
Contact: Karen Kirkwood-Whyte – 519-354-0430