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The ChangeTheWorld – Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge is a call to action for youth aged 14 to 18 years to volunteer through a wide variety of exciting community initiatives.

Now in its 9th year, ChangeTheWorld is an opportunity for youth to be part of a provincial campaign and to be a force for good in their local community.

Are you an Ontario high school student looking for volunteer experience, or do you want to start your own initiative? Are you a community organization that is looking for youth volunteers? Are you a teacher looking to engage your students in exciting volunteer opportunities? Here is your chance! Contact us and together through the ChangeTheWorld campaign, we can help make an impact in our community!

Here’s how you can participate:

  • If you already volunteer in the community, track your volunteer hours April 10 – May 23 and submit them to erica@uwock.ca.
  • If you want to participate but do not know where you can volunteer, we can help! Contact us to find volunteer opportunities with an agency in Chatham-Kent. Email  erica@uwock.ca or call 519-354-0430.
  • Let us know when and where your volunteer experience is happening so we can take pictures and post it on theUWCKYOUTH Twitter page.

Locally in 2015, 1,253 youth volunteered 26,236 hours far surpassing the goal of 650 youth volunteering for 3,250 hours that had been set.


ChangeTheWorld is funded by the Government of Ontario in partnership with the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN).
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