The United Way Youth Committee is a group of ambitious young leaders representing each of the ten high schools in the Municipality. Each year these bright young people involve themselves in several activities benefiting United Way of C-K and other local organizations.

  • CCHS

    Braden Dam*

  • WDSS

    Amanda Kellet
    Raymond Yang

  • BDHS

    Olivia Ermers*
    Erin McEachran*

  • TDHS

    McKenna Thibert
    Emily Mailhot*

  • CKSS

    Carly Bell
    Ashton Pugh
    Payton Pugh*
    Keren Zingman*

  • LKCS

    Van Rycheghem*

  • ESPC

    Mitchell Benn*
    Danielle Lucier*

  • UCC

    Owen Dorssers*
    Owen Foster
    Emma Landriault*
    Emily Hiltz*

  • JMSS

    Ashley Jackson*
    Taylor Kewley
    Ben Nicholls*
    Hannah Roesch*

  • RDHS

  • Lydia Fenton*




Red Feather Week

For anyone who grew up in Chatham-Kent, the words “Red Feather” bring back fond memories. Over the past six decades youth have been able to participate in a variety of Red Feather including parades, cheer leading competitions, talent shows, football games and a dance. Red Feather is one of the key fundraisers for United Way of Chatham-Kent organized for youth by youth.

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Facebook: UWOCKYouthCommittee

Twitter: UWCKYouth

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