COGECO/TVCOGECO Sponsors Red Feather Video Contest

The 56th Annual Red Feather event is pleased to announce the addition of Cogeco/TVCogeco as a major sponsor. The week-long event organized by local high school ambassadors begins Wednesday, 2013 SEPT 18.  

Cogeco/TVCogeco‘s sponsorship of the event has allowed for the creation of a video contest this year. Using the smartphone application Vine, students are being encouraged to submit a 6 second video clip displaying their school spirit at the different events throughout the week. Students can submit their video at for a chance to win a Beats Audio headset.

 The generous sponsorship from Cogeco/TVCogeco allows United Way’s Youth Committee to organize activities and pay related costs while saving on campaign donated dollars.  Therefore, the money raised during Red Feather activities can be used to support the 25 programs, services and agencies supported through UWCK’s Community Fund. 

Throughout the week, high schools students will participate in various events including dodgeball, softball, two football games culminating in a tennis tournament on Sunday, 2013 SEPT 22 .  Events include: 


There are two games scheduled for Red Feather.  The first game will be held at CKSS on Friday September 20th and is under the lights beginning at 7p.m.  The second game will be Saturday September 21st at CKSS and begins at 12 noon. 

We’re Also Having A Dodge Ball Tournament and this year’s tournament will be held at Chatham Christian High School on Friday September 20th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 p.m.  This action you won’t want to miss. 

There are many more events and activities planned for Red Feather week.  For a full list of activities, times, locations and costs, please contact Amanda Chartrand (519) 354-0430 or


Golf Tournaments Galore!

Golf Tournaments Galore!

We have three golf tournaments coming up this fall all over Chatham-Kent. Pick the one that’s closest to you or if you REALLY love golf sign up for all three!



Register here


Download the registration form.

Women’s Leadership Council Funds Program for First Nations Youth

United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council has approved funding – in the amount of $13,246.61 – for a youth program developed by the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres and the Bkejwanong Youth Facility (BYF) (established on Walpole Island in 2009).  

The purpose of this multi-faceted “Physical Culture” Program is to promote social inclusion and diminish stereotypes while fostering a healthy, active lifestyle.  Youth – aged 6 to 16 years – will be introduced to a variety of physical activities that encourage relationship building within large and small groups. 

While the overarching component of the program is focussed on health and fitness, culture will have a presence in the delivery of the program as it will operate on Walpole Island.  Although there will be a strong focus on First Nations culture and Aboriginal youth will represent a majority of the participants, youth of all ethnic backgrounds are welcomed to participate.  Through social inclusion, youth will learn the value of acceptance and celebrating differences. 

Piloted in 2012, the upcoming 12-week program – free to a maximum of 25 participants – will run for two nights each week.  The program will serve 6 to 11 year olds in a “guided discovery night” and 12 to 16 year olds in a “learning and exploration night”.  A waiting list currently exists for the program. 

In their submission to United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres and Bkejwanong Youth Facility cited their partnership has been important to build capacity.  The improved capacity has allowed for the agencies to share resources and deliver a program focussed on culture, social wellness, education and recreation.  The collaborative effort has built a strong foundation for individual growth of youth participants and provides an opportunity for youth participants to lead.  “Keys to success are through relationships and partnerships.  The program to date has been a success,” said Steven Tooshkenig, Youth Programs Coordinator, Bkejwanong Youth Facility. 

“This program is very similar to one that the Women’s Leadership Council funded several years ago,” said Trinette Lindley, Chair of the WLC Grants Committee.  “The ‘Native Girls on the Go’ Program – undertaken in partnership with the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit – addressed some of the same issues as the ‘Physical Culture’ Program will address.  While stable funding was not forthcoming, it is our hope that sustainable funding can be secured to ensure that this program continues.” 

Established in May of 2007 with eight charter members, the United Way Women’s Leadership Council – now 94 members strong – funds programs for vulnerable women and their children.  Aligned to United Way’s three focus areas – From Poverty to Possibility, Strong Communities and All That Kids Can Be, the WLC Grants Committee approves flexible funding to meet urgent community needs. 

For additional information about the “Physical Culture” Program, please contact Darren Wood, Youth Programs Coordinator with the Chatham-Kent Community Health Centre – 519-397-5455. 

For more information about the United Way Women’s Leadership Council, please contact Karen Kirkwood-Whyte, CEO – 519-354-0430 or