On 211 Day, residents are encouraged to make the right call

February 11 is 211 Day across North America. To mark this day, United Way of Chatham-Kent and 211 Ontario helpline are asking residents to make the right call (#MakeTheRightCall) if they want or need help.

Knowing the right number to call will help people find the right services for their situation and will help reduce non-urgent calls to 911.

“211 has rapidly become an essential community service across Ontario. It’s the easiest and fastest way for our community’s most vulnerable, and those who care for them, to connect to social, health and government services,” said Andrew Benson, Executive Director of Ontario 211.

211 is answered live, 24 hours a day, every day of the year including holidays, in more than 150 languages. Residents can call 211 for information on community, social and health services, as well as municipal, provincial and federally funded services like housing, employment and mental health and addiction agencies. Residents can also call 211 for services like food banks or for the non-emergency police number.

“211 is Canada’s one-stop-shop to connect Canadians to services that are often provided by charities and non-profits — partners who rely on 211 to reach the community in the most cost-effective and accessible way,” said Dr. Jacline Nyman, President and CEO, United Way Canada.

“211 is a valuable resource for Ontarians, and for police.  211 calls are answered by highly trained specialists who know our community services and can refer callers to support near them. When residents make the right call, they help ensure 911 call takers can focus on emergency situations and help save lives”, says Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Vince Hawkes.

Residents should always call 911 for life-threatening emergencies or crimes in progress that require police, fire or paramedic services.

When people don’t know where to turn, 211 is there for them. 



  • My car won’t start and I have to get to work…
  • My neighbour is having a party and there is too much noise…
  • I need the fire department to come and get my basketball out of the tree…
  • I am lonely and want to hear a friendly voice…
  • I need help getting my teenager to listen to me…
  • I have a medical appointment and don’t have transportation to get there… 

Call 211 to find any health, social or government services that serve your community.

About United Way of Chatham-Kent

United Way of Chatham-Kent has been working to improve lives and build community in Chatham-Kent since 1948.  The over 40 agencies, programs and services supported by United Way serve one in three people in Chatham-Kent. For more information, visit www.uwock.ca or find us on Twitter, Facebook and on YouTube. 

About 211

211 is the source Canadians trust when seeking information and services to deal with life’s challenges. 211’s award-winning telephone helpline (211) and website (www.211ontario.ca) provide a gateway to community, social, non-clinical health and related government services. 211 helps to navigate the complex network of human services quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 150 languages.  211 service in Ontario is made possible through the support of local United Ways, municipalities and Ontario’s Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Ontario 211 Services is a non-profit agency that governs 211 service in Ontario. They work in collaboration with seven Regional 211 Service Providers, and a unique network of data contributors to deliver 211 services though the phone and through online channels to all Ontario residents.


For information or interviews contact:
Patricia Weiler
Manager, Volunteer and Information Services
United Way of Chatham-Kent
519-354-0430 or patricia@uwock.ca

United Way raises $1,852,699 to invest in CK

Community members gathered this evening as United Way revealed the final annual fundraising total of $1,852,699 for Chatham-Kent.

Kelly Bayda and Aimee June, 2015 Campaign Co-Chairs, are thankful to all those who have supported the campaign.

“There are so many individuals to thank for agreeing to support us in this campaign, it would be impossible to list everyone by name. We would like to thank the members of our campaign cabinet who devoted their time to calling on past donors and generating new leads. A special thank you to Steve Baker and Wes Thompson for each hosting a ‘Seeing is Believing’ luncheon to share the stories of those whose lives have been improved by United Way. ‘Seeing’ is absolutely critical for those individuals who are considering a gift to United Way and these luncheons resulted in new employee campaigns and gifts from new donors,” said Aimee.

Kelly added “we would also like to thank corporate and community leaders who established in-house employee campaign committees, invited United Way speakers in to tell their stories and – in several cases – matched employee dollars. To all the individual donors across Chatham-Kent – thank you. Please know that your contribution, large or small, is making a difference in someone’s life.”

“As this whirlwind of a campaign comes to a close it is our hope that this year’s successes can be built upon as United Way works towards their five-year target of $2.5 million.” 

For more information about the 2015 Annual Campaign please contact Tom Slager, Director of Resource Development at 519-354-0430 or tom@uwock.ca.

Campaign heads into its final weeks

Volunteers for the 2015 fundraising campaign continue to work tirelessly towards achieving our goal of $2,015,000. With generous contributions from businesses, organizations, and individual donors across Chatham-Kent, $1,727,040 has been raised to date.

“In our last plea to the community we asked for 783 new Everyday Heroes to help us close the gap to reach our goal. Since that time, we have had 68 new Everyday Heroes step forward. We are grateful for their support and are asking for others to follow their lead,” said 2015 Campaign Co-Chair, Kelly Bayda.

Although this campaign update is reported here in dollars, the heart of the campaign really centres on the resulting human impact in our community.

“Not reaching our goal will result in decreased funding for the over 40 agencies, programs, and services supported by United Way. This could mean the over 40,000 people across Chatham-Kent who receive help from these agencies may have to go without. Please help us ensure our community’s social safety net stays intact and these agencies can continue to do all the wonderful work they do, helping those in need of a hand up,” added Kelly’s Co-Chair, Aimee June.

Donations can be made online at www.uwock.ca or by contacting one of the three office locations in Chatham, Tilbury or Wallaceburg.

The campaign closes on January 21, 2016 with an achievement celebration at Rossini’s restaurant beginning at 5:00 p.m.

If you want to get involved with the 2015 campaign please contact Kelly Bayda at kelly.bayda@bell.net 519-350-7728 or Aimee June at aimee.june@bell.net 519-354-7688.


United for Refugees


If you would like to support Syrian Refugee Settlement in Chatham-Kent, please click here. Donations and donor information will flow back to United Way of Chatham-Kent for distribution to local charitable agencies, programs and services who are supporting our new neighbours.