Thursday, September 11, 2014, the public is invited to meet the 2014 Campaign Co-Chairs, Dean and Margery Muharrem, as they tour several Chatham-Kent communities through-out the day to announce local community campaign goals. 

The Chatham-Kent 2014 Campaign Goal will be announced at 4 p.m. at The 425 in Chatham and everyone is invited to visit the Chatham office, meet the volunteer Cabinet and enjoy a few light refreshments and snacks. Also, please refer to the schedule below of timing and locations to meet up in each community. 

UWOCK would like to thank the local owners of Tim Hortons stores and the managers of the Bank of Montreal locations in Thamesville and Bothwell for their generous hospitality and sponsorship of the day’s events. 


Tim Hortons – 368 St. Clair Street. 

Chatham Region Co-Chairs are Adam Ludolph adam.ludolph@investorsgroup.com and Eric Stemmler eric.stemmler@investorsgroup.com



Tim Hortons – 66 McNaughton Ave. 

Wallaceburg Region Chair is Newt Richardson drichard@kent.net


10:15 A.M. DRESDEN

Tim Hortons – 1144 North Street

 Dresden Region Co-Chairs are Virginia Smith virginia.smith@sunmedia.ca and Nicole Alves nicole.alves@sunmedia.ca



Bank of Montreal – corner of London and Victoria Streets

Thamesville Region Co-Chairs are Joe Presutto jpresutto@mainstreetcu.ca and Tara Lee Berry taralee.berry@bmo.com




Bank of Montreal – 181 Main Street North

Bothwell Region Co-Chairs are Bruce Miller Bruce.Miller@bmo.com and Greg Cameron greg.cameron@bmo.com



Tim Hortons – 20474 Victoria Ave.

 Ridgetown Region Chair is Caress Lee Carpenter caresslc@chatham-kent.ca



Tim Hortons – 79 Talbot Street

 Blenheim Region Co-Chairs are Tony Rizzuto tony@blenheimchev.com and Jason Heuvelmans jason@blenheimchevpontiac.com



Tim Hortons – 6 Mill Street West

Tilbury Region Chair is Deb Moysiuk debmoysiuk@cogeco.ca


Returning to United Way of Chatham-Kent (The 425) 425 McNaughton Ave. West in Chatham for light refreshments and the reveal of the 2014 campaign goal at 4 P.M. 

It’s a great day to change lives! 

“We are so excited to be leading the communities in their fundraising for the 2014 United Way Campaign.  Since agreeing to serve in this role, way back in 2013, Margery and I have achieved a growing awareness of the tremendous impact your donations  make. Every community is served and thousands of people are touched by the work of the programs, services and agencies your dollars help fund. 

 We would love to meet you. 

Margery and I have visited the many funded agencies. We have talked with staff and volunteers and clients.  Now it’s time to meet all of you and invite you to support this tremendous fundraising effort.  Let’s get together and figure out how YOU can become involved!

For additional information or to find out how you can become involved with the 2014 campaign contact Chatham-Kent Co-Chairs for 2014 Dean and Margery Muharrem (519) 436-5674 dean.muharrem@sunmedia.ca (519) 784-2511 muharrem@sympatico.ca. Reach United Way Chatham-Kent at info@uwock.ca or contact David Drouillard at (519) 354-0430 or david@uwock.ca

CKNN Project Co-Ordinator Position

United Way of Chatham-Kent and the Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network Steering Committee would like to express their appreciation to those individuals who applied for the position of Project Co-Ordinator.  The deadline for applications was Friday, 2015 AUG 15 at 5:00 p.m.  The selection process is currently underway and all candidates who have been chosen to move on to the next step in this process will be notified, by e-mail, no later than Friday, 2014 AUG 29. 

Thank you for your interest in Chatham-Kent’s nonprofit sector!


LAST CALL!! Only 3 days left for the LCBO  Point of Sale Promotion! A big THANK YOU to all of the LCBO employees who have spread awareness about the agencies, programs and services supported by your local United Way. Pictured from L to R:  Jane Bannon, Ridgetown Store Manager; Lori Parker, Rodney Store Manager and District 4 United Way Chairperson; Steve Oakes, St. Catharines Store Manager and Region 4 United Way representative; and Richard Watterson, District Manager for LCBO District 4.