2014 Annual Campaign Surpasses Goal!

This afternoon members from across our community gathered in downtown Chatham at the Jazzbah to celebrate exceeding the goal for the campaign, raising $1,914,175. 

Campaign Co-Chairs Dean and Margery Muharrem are delighted by the effort put forth by our community. “We may be the faces of the campaign but it takes a team to make this happen. We are extremely proud and grateful to all the volunteers, donors, and those who worked behind the scenes to help us reach our goal. Literally every penny counts and is needed to continue the good works of United Way and the funded agencies. Each of you truly are Everyday Heroes.” 

All of the communities across Chatham-Kent and their respective representatives did their part in achieving this goal: 


Volunteer Co-Chair(s)

Community Achievement


Adam Ludolph and Eric Stemmler



Deb Moysiuk

$   150,589


Newt Richardson

$   120,437


Nicole Alves and Virginia Smith

$     88,612


Jason Heuvelmans and Tony Rizzuto

$   187,124


Caress Lee Carpenter

$     22,145


Joe Presutto

$       9,610


Tom Slager

$     13,861


Dean and Margery Muharrem

$ 1,914,175

 In addition to the above volunteers, Jodee Anderson, Kelly Bayda, Cecily Coppola, Stephen Doig, William Grin and Marian Redford served as members of the Campaign Cabinet. 

United Way wishes to extend a sincere thanks to all the donors who gave so generously to this year’s campaign … but a special “shout-out” to those who helped to put the campaign “over the top” in the final hours: 

–       Teksavvy and its employees for presenting $20,550

–       a group of community-minded farmers in the Blenheim area who responded to a last minute plea with a collective gift of $7,700 … and

–       the CKXS Radio Hostage “prisoners” – Peter Allaer, Kelly Bayda, Nick Cadotte, Ben Hazzard, Tim Lozon and Carmen McGregor for generating $13,413 in the last week of the 2014 Campaign. 

For more information about the 2014 Campaign visit www.uwock.ca or speak directly to Dean Muharrem at 519-436-5674 or Margery Muharrem at 519-784-2511.



Campaign just shy of target

Thanks to a final push from many community members our 2014 Annual Campaign is just shy of the $1,900,000 goal. 

With the dollars that are in and confirmed and those contributions we know are “in the pipe”, there is a gap of approximately $43,000. Traditional donors who have not yet responded can help us reach our target. Many of these individuals will be called in the next few days leading up to our Touchdown event.  

120 “Everyday Heroes” at $365 are needed to reach this year’s campaign goal. Be an “Everyday Hero”! Please DONATE NOW.

 Join us on Friday, January 23, 2015 at the Jazzbah to find out if we reach our target. The announcement will follow greetings from our Campaign Co-Chairs Dean and Margery Muharrem at 4:30p.m. Pizza and salad courtesy of Original 2 Pizzas will follow the announcement.

United Way to Announce Campaign Achievement


Date:  Friday, January 23, 2015 

Time:  4:30 p.m. 

Location:  Jazzbah, 270 King Street West 


The 2014 fundraising campaign comes to a close on Friday, January 23, 2015 with a celebration announcement. 

Campaign Co-Chairs Dean and Margery Muharrem will speak about their experience, acknowledge the volunteers and thank all community partners who helped with the campaign. The Muharrem’s will then reveal the total campaign achievement towards the goal of $1.9 million announced in September.

Also to take place is the “Share the Wealth” raffle draw. The first ticket drawn receives 25% (to a maximum of $12,500), second ticket drawn 15%, and third ticket drawn 10%. 

A mix and mingle with complimentary pizza and side dishes supplied by Original 2 Pizzas and a cash bar by the Jazzbah will follow. We are asking the public to please RSVP to info@uwock.ca

It is not too late to support the 2014 campaign and have your donation count toward this announcement! Please visit our website – www.uwock.ca – to find out how you can give.