United for Refugees


If you would like to support Syrian Refugee Settlement in Chatham-Kent, please click here. Donations and donor information will flow back to United Way of Chatham-Kent for distribution to local charitable agencies, programs and services who are supporting our new neighbours.

Annual Campaign Projected to Fall Short of Goal


2015 Campaign Co-Chairs, Aimee June and Kelly Bayda (centre) are flanked by Service Recipients, Campaign Cabinet Members, and Agency Representatives as they announce a projected campaign shortfall.

2015 Campaign Co-Chairs, Kelly Bayda and Aimee June, held an emergency media conference today where they announced that the campaign is projected to fall approximately $200,000 short of the $2,015,000 goal.

“Your community needs you. We are asking everyone in CK to step forward in a very big way. We need 783 new ‘Everyday Heroes’ – donors giving a minimum of $365 or $1 a day – to achieve our target. This could be your business, you as an individual or you with your friends coming together to give this gift. Many of us in this community are very fortunate in our lives and we are asking you to help others in need,” said Kelly.

“We are not giving up. We can’t give up. There are 40,000 people in Chatham-Kent relying on us, relying on you. These people could be your family, friends, neighbours, or co-workers,” added Aimee.

Among those 40,000 people helped by a United Way funded agency, program, or service:

  • 6,116 kids ate breakfast who would have otherwise gone hungry
  • (Chatham-Kent Breakfast Program)
  • 3,169 people received professional counselling services – on a geared to income basis- to help them deal with trauma (Family Service Kent)
  • 208 people were able to reclaim some of their independence after suffering a brain injury or stroke (New Beginnings Club House)
  • 684 kids and teens received grief and illness counselling at no cost, giving the children a safe place to work through trauma and loss (VON Kids Circle Program)

Donations to the campaign can be made online at www.uwock.ca, over the phone or in person at any of the three office locations. Those wishing to receive a 2015 income tax receipt are encouraged to submit their gift on or before December 31st.

If you want to get involved with the 2015 campaign please contact Kelly Bayda at kelly.bayda@bell.net 519-350-7728 or Aimee June at aimee.june@bell.net 519-354-7688.

Agencies Rally in Support of Campaign

Agency RallyIt is important for people to understand that United Way funded agencies count on the annual campaign to generate sufficient revenue so that each year their budgets balance. United Way funding also allows agencies to use their time and talent on the provision of service for those in need instead of focusing on fundraising to sustain their program and processing those donations. There is still time to give. Tax receipts can be issued for gifts received by December 31, 2015. Together, we are possibility. Please give generously.

Below are testimonials from other select agencies funded by United Way of Chatham-Kent about why you should support the 2015 Annual Fundraising Campaign.

“Why is United Way important to your agency?” 

AIDS Committee of Windsor- Chatham Outreach Office
“United Way of Chatham-Kent is our team of professional fund developers whose sole determination is seeing that no citizen of Chatham-Kent is left behind and that an individual’s ability to access support in our community is not defined by the number of pieces of paper they have in their wallet. They help to keep our doors open, keep our services free-of-charge and to keep us in front of our community members who have turned to us for guidance and support in what is often a very difficult and unplanned period in their lives.

Walking through the doors of our agency is not an easy thing to do – so could you imagine finally gaining enough courage to reach out and ask for help only to find a closed sign on the door as the agency staff and volunteers are out running a baseball tournament or other fundraising initiative to help keep their doors open?

Anyone who has ever undertaken a fundraising project before knows all too well that it is an all-consuming task that requires your full attention if you want any hope of a chance for it to be successful. So, if our agency staff and volunteers need to be focused on fundraising, who will be there to provide the support when someone from our community reaches out to ask for help?

United Way of Chatham-Kent answers that question with a respectful and responsible solution for our community by taking on the fund development portion of our work to help ensure that when members of our community do reach out for support they find that support and not a closed sign on our door.”

-Steve Pratt, Community Development Coordinator

“The United Way lights up the world for all to see.  With less than 35 per cent of our total funding coming from government sources, CNIB relies on public donations in order to be there for all those who need our services.  The United Way has made incredibly generous contributions to CNIB in the past, and also has proved itself as a leader in the creation of a better tomorrow for all Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. The ripple effect from its gifts will touch countless lives for generations to come.”

-Lee-Anne Cross, Regional Manager Services and Operations

Family Service Kent
“With support from United Way, Family Service Kent is able to offer professional counselling services on a “geared-to-income basis”, ensuring that this type of assistance is available to all.  Without a doubt, it is funding from United Way that allows us to help those in need when they are most in need.”

-Brad Davis, Executive Director

Learning Disabilities Association of Chatham-Kent
“Our agency and supports offered to families managing learning disabilities and ADHD wouldn’t exist without the financial support of United Way of Chatham-Kent! We could not do the work we do in supporting families who are managing a life-long disability. Early intervention and supports are imperative in assisting students in reducing school drop-out rates, low self-esteem, anxieties and frustrations.”

-Dawn Babkirk, Executive Director

 VON Kids Circle Program
“United Way allows the VON Kids Circle Program to provide grief and illness counselling to the children and teens in the Chatham-Kent community at no cost, giving the children a safe place to work through the trauma and loss they have experienced. United Way’s campaign fundraises dollars for VON Kids Circle Program so that we can focus on the best possible care for our youth.”

Erin Crow, Program Coordinator

Blenheim Public Report Night – Campaign Update

The third and final Public Report Night for the 2015 Annual Fundraising Campaign was held last night at Fat Jimmy’z in Blenheim.

Campaign Co-Chairs, Kelly Bayda and Aimee June, gave a few opening remarks and then accepted the following campaign contributions from local businesses and their employees:

Hopkins Canada Inc. – $11,006
WoodBridge Foam Corporation – $29,280
RBC – $7,400
Handy Bros. Climate Care Inc. – $4,144
BMO Bank of Montreal – $7,900

“The gifts presented tonight combined have helped us reach $1,308,965. We are nearly three quarters of the way through our campaign but are not yet three quarters of the way to our $2,015,000 goal. During this season of giving we are asking EVERYONE in Chatham-Kent to help us achieve our goal. There are 40,000 people in our community who rely on support they receive from the funded agencies, programs and services,” said Aimee.

“There are many ways people can get involved – ask your employer to host a presentation and allow for payroll deduction, go online to www.uwock.ca to make a secure donation, or simply call any of the three offices,” added Kelly.

Those wishing to receive a 2015 income tax receipt are encouraged to submit their gift on or before December 31st.

If you want to get involved with the 2015 campaign please contact Kelly Bayda at kelly.bayda@bell.net 519-350-7728 or Aimee June at aimee.june@bell.net 519-354-7688.