Starbucks recently approached United Way to help shape its employee training and improve the company’s culture. Our first step in partnership involved the rollout of “My Starbucks Community Resources” posters across each of Starbucks’ 1,095 stores and 20,000 partners across Canada as well as details on how Starbucks’ partners (baristas) can get better connected to community resources across Canada.

This first step was completed in advance of their company-wide cultural competency and anti-bias training held June 11.

This past year, 575,000 Canadians called 2-1-1 to connect to community resources, and another 1.5 million found information via 2-1-1 over the web.

The promotion of 2-1-1 as a service for baristas is part of Starbucks’ larger effort to improve training and company culture around individuals in need who may be visiting their store.

Through its training and ongoing communication with its staff, Starbucks will continue to emphasize this as well as the importance of recommending the resource to a customer or calling on their behalf only with their permission. Starbucks shares that baristas often search for resources like food banks and soup kitchens for community members who visit their stores and are facing challenges in their lives.

Today, we visited our local Starbucks – Chatham and our Director of Operations, Steve Pratt, met with their Store Manager, Nick, and we’re proud to be working together on our shared goals of improving lives and building community here in Chatham-Kent!