“Time is free, but it’s priceless”- Harvey MacKay

We are truly privileged to have numerous, hardworking, skilled volunteers help us fulfill our mission of improving lives and building community in Chatham-Kent. April 12 to 18, 2015 is National Volunteer Week, and we would like to thank each of our volunteers for their dedicated service.

“Volunteers are essential to the success of our organization and play a vital role in every community. In Ontario, over 5 million people volunteer their time each year to various nonprofits. At United Way of Chatham-Kent we are appreciative of all our volunteers – thank you for choosing to use your time and talent to benefit our organization” said Karen Kirkwood Whyte, CEO.

Volunteer Canada has chosen “volunteers are part of the ripple effect” as the theme for 2015. A volunteer’s action is like a stone thrown in a lake: its effect has a direct impact. At the same time, like ripples, volunteer efforts reach out far and wide to improve communities. Undeniably, volunteers rock!

So whether you volunteered for a couple hours, a whole day, or throughout the entire year, we are very grateful for your support.